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Thursday 1 March 2012

with a little help.

Hopefully you've downloaded a few of the Asobitech 1up games, played them, maybe made it on to the global hiscore tables. Most of all I hope you have enjoyed playing them, which the main reason I am doing this.
As a videogames coder, there's nothing more satisfying than knowing people are enjoying the games that you create. Making the games is half the fun, watching people play and their reactions is the other. This is why all your comments and feedback mean a lot to me.
Unfortunately for me, this currently isn't my full time job. I code in what spare time I can find, much to the dismay of my girlfriend. But one day, I would love this to become what I do for a living.
I have big plans for Asobitech.
For example in the summer, I want to have a one day live event, Asobifest, where the games will be setup on arcade style cabinets, competitions will be run with prizes to be had. The bands of the people who have created music for the games will play, the graphic artist will be able to display their work. Altogether a day of fun.
But this is all, for now, in the future, until then I'll carry on releasing one game a week, one bite size morsel of joy for you all to play. I just ask, if you like what I'm doing, please donate what you can to help me along with my project. Thank you.

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